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Stay in Key

For those who like to draw in the MIDI editor, there’s a little trick to stay in key.

Let’s assume we want to stay in F minor key. First we need to set the default notes of a minor scale, these are all the white keys starting from A: A,B,C,D,E,F,G and again A.

stay in key

Now we can transpose them up eight semitones to be on F minor.

stay in key

And here is the trick: If we move them back once they are actually out of the MIDI clip, they don’t get played when you play the MIDI clip. But, when you press FOLD these notes are going to stick, and the ones that don’t belong to the scale are going to be discarded.

In this way we are losing the chance to play off the scale notes, which usually are used to create tension in harmony. So this trick is mainly for those who don’t have a musical education, but want their productions to stay in key.

To stay in key is not a must, but for beginners we encourage it.

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