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Space Ibiza Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Space 25th Anniversary


It takes some kind of club to still be going 25 years after it’s conception, but I guess Space Ibiza is that ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of club. If Ibiza is the world’s number one clubbing destination, then Space is now the jewel in its crown.

First opened by Pepe Rosello in 1989, the club had a difficult beginning due to it’s location. At the time Playa d’en Bossa was exclusively a family resort area, so how were they going to complete with the other huge clubs dotted around the island? An idea was kicked around that was simple, but perfectly formed. Why not open the club AFTER all the others had shut? A simple business idea that started the after hours, daytime clubbing revolution.

I was personally over in Ibiza in 1992 and only made it to Space just the once. 7am am is just a bridge too far for me, though some of my boys went to bed and got up in the early morning to go! Even as a zestful youth I had trouble dealing with sun light clubbing. I’m more of a single red light in a moody basement kind of character!

The music in the main room during those early days was a little too industrial for my palette, so I spent a couple of hours listening to Alex P and Brandon Block (ex GMP learner btw) on the open air terrace before disappearing back to my coffin. At the time it was hard to see Space becoming the island’s main club, but the right blend of promoters over the years has seen the venue grow massively since those early days.

Check out this amazing video below from DJ Magazine, featuring interviews with owner Pepe Rosello, Carl Cox, Basement Jaxx and Darren Hughes about what makes Space Ibiza so special.

I went out in Ibiza for the first time in about 10 years recently and was amazed how much the club had changed since my first visit in 1992. It’s absolutely massive now, with a sound system in the main room that will blow your hat off. I even went twice in three nights, but I guess staying in Playa D’en Bossa and a free wristband helped to make those decisions!

Personally, my favourite club on the island will always be Pacha. There’s just something decidedly decadent dripping from the walls that means I don’t mind spending a small fortune for a drink and entry. Unfortunately their musical line ups are no longer to my taste, so I guess Space will just have to do! Surviving 25 years in any industry is amazing, but in the fickle world of nightlife, well, it’s some achievement.

Space has certainly changed a lot from when I first visited the club back in 1992, but there’s obviously some kind of magic in the air that keeps the punters flocking back every. Keeping the DJ line ups cutting edge certainly helps to bring in the crowds and their choice of promoters are certainly the best on the island in my opinion.

With the company now spreading their wings all the way to New York City, it wouldn’t surprise me if in the next 25 years we don’t see more Space nightclubs popping up across the globe. They’ve certainly come a long way from those early 7am starts that used to terrify this vintage vampire!