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Female Music Producer | Yerosha

I do remember asking my singer friend why was it that if she loved to write songs, lyrics and top-lines that it didn’t interest her to create the music as well. It’s an interesting question as to why it was that I wanted to be behind the scenes as a female producer, tinkering away and learning what makes music ‘work’. Especially as I do like to sing so it would be the norm to only pursue a singing career as a female.

There are two sides. One, that if you don’t have the inclination, that natural affinity to something, then you’re simply not enthused by it so it’s not the path for you.

My heart from as early as I can remember was in composition. My favourite films growing up were as much about the music as the films themselves, the music magically being able to interpret and complement the mood of the scene. And whether relevant or not my brain just doesn’t naturally grasp lyrics on hearing songs and immediately seeks out the different parts, the arrangement, the melodies and rhythms involved.

The other side would be encouragement, support and opportunities during your formative years. My parents were very encouraging on the music front as was my secondary school. I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t take that Djing course at The Premises because I was too scared to be the only 13-year-old girl in a class of boys.

Oh and mustn’t forget a very important further point.

Missy Elliott.

Later on I attended The Roundhouse which provided a youth creative hub alongside its concert space. It was brilliant as the courses were for next to no money attended by people from all backgrounds. I did find myself usually being the only female but the classes were small and everyone was so engrossed and zoned into learning and creating that I never really felt out of place. You could also hire out individual music studios and through going out-of-course hours there was a friendly atmosphere amongst the regulars where we would listen to each others music and just banter when we needed a break.

I’m not going to lie, I am a tech-phobe of sorts, definitely a problem when going down the producer trail as it’s heavy on the tech side but there are great courses out there. I am currently on Garnish Music Production School’s Mixing course based in London Fields, which neatly outlines the different topics into handy bite-size pieces. Still difficult to get your head around but it is brilliant how much you can learn from these short courses. I can already hear a big improvement with my mixing and I haven’t even finished the course.

There are also two distinct sides to music production, one where due to advances in home studio equipment and samples you sit at your computer and conjure a finished track. And the other is being able to record in all the instruments and direct the musicians. I’m learning the latter now and hope that by the end of the year I have a good grasp of both. And having a mentor in producer Alex Morris is a total plus. The flip side of sexism in the music industry could be that for every successful female music producer there’s a supportive male producer guiding the way until there is a balance. It is certainly true for me.

And on to the topic of male vs female it does exist but only if you succumb to it. Overall it’s still the same for everyone, dealing with competition and having self-belief but it is very easy to believe that I’m not taken seriously being a female and there have been a few times where it’s crept up. But so far it’s only ever been unintentional as I’m very aware that female music producer’s are rare so a surprise when one crops up. I have found that as soon as my vocals appear on a track then that’s all people will remember. Not necessarily a bad thing but it’s down to what you want to be known for really and you have to simply keep going till you’re recognized for your work.

See a video of Yerosha here.

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