Garnish Music Production School in London

Band looking for a singer


Bradley Reagan


[email protected]

Phone number:

07912 174 517


Band looking for a singer


Dear to whom it may concern,

We are The Mercury Equation, a newly formed modern

progressive/alternative rock band based in South East London looking

for a Vocalist.

We are currently writing as a trio, with myself (Elliott) doing all of

the guitar and bass work, and a drummer (Bradley). We are recording

and self-producing our own demos. Stylistically, we’re taking a

progressive approach in that as long as something sounds good and will

fit in with the other songs we write, we’re happy to use it, with many

different influences giving quite a broad sound.

We were wondering if you’d be able to pass this information on to

your students, as we are aware that there are likely to be a lot of

budding musicians studying at your university. Below are links to our

soundcloud, where you can listen to our demos, and our Facebook page

where your students can contact us, along with our email address.

We can attach a formal advert that you can forward to your students if

that is more convenient for you.



[email protected]

Thanks in advance,

The Mercury Equation