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Get your music heard by A and R at music management/label

Get your music heard by A and R at music management/label:

Antony Meola is the A&R manager at Upper 11, they are a top music management company and record label in London. He’s been in touch with me asking if I could recommend any hot up and coming producers at Garnish School of Sound to collaborate with existing producers on their roster working with artists both on and outside of their company. This could end up with you having a management deal with them so I have decided to offer this opportunity out to all of my supporters. I can’t forward off all emails myself and we can’t have email addresses published, so to get round this and spread the music career furthering love in as much of an automated way as possible, I have set up a Gmail email address which will automatically forward to Antony’s assistant Jess. Please send your  MP3’s, Myspace URL’s etc and contact details to [email protected]

record producers wanted by upper 11 music management

He is looking for all genres as long as it’s master quality sounding. I think that’s why he wants to hear my students 🙂 He is looking out for remixers too which is what I think a lot of you dance music producers might be more interested in. I will keep an eye out and give feedback where I can – I’m quite looking forward to it actually!

I’m taking a bit of a risk posting this on all of my social media because I know not all of you have done a course at Garnish School of Sound so PLEASE only send in mixed material you think would pass on a UK club dance floor or on the radio. Antony is looking for good production, If he doesn’t get much of it, he probably wont ask me again or even ask me to stop the forwarding. I’m afraid I don’t have time to listen to all of your masterpieces and only send the quality stuff on to Jess so please take this into consideration, because if you don’t, it could spoil it for others. Of course I do appreciate that one persons idea of master quality is not everyone else’s but Jess knows what to listen out for. This is really an experiment which I hope goes well and i’ll know quickly if it isn’t. I just wanted to offer this opportunity to all of my supporters.

Good luck and please let me know how you get on – I’m really looking forward to hearing the success stories!

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