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Music Production Job For Student

Songwriting Duo Seek Student For Music Production Job to create backing for a set of songs spanning many different genres.

The project would involve understanding how music aids lyric to deliver a message, story or idea. There are songs that sit comfortably within genres, i.e. country, and then there are fusions where the production student will be creating a very idiosyncratic sound. This is useful for portfolio as it’s rare to get an opportunity to do this outside of personal work, which often can’t be used professionally. 

The student will need to have an open mind as some of the songs have lyrics that are not exactly politically correct and require a sincerity that at times Produce demos for writersgoes against the frivolity of the words.

The aim is to have the songs produced before March to test the new sound on a performance circuit prior to showcasing the new music at festivals. 

If you feel you can enhance this team of writers with a diverse production style then please contact us to talk in depth about the project. If you have samples of your personal production skills we’d appreciate access to these to get an idea of suitability for the project.

Idea of some song styles required:-

1. Amy Winehouse style song featuring a jazz/rock guitar riff and finger clicks to build texture. Interesting sounds needed to recreate an old fashioned bluesy/jazzy song with a very modern twist.

2. Rihanna style song with heavy production values. A drop with dub-step influences and a current sound is sought.

3. Country and western track with banjo and guitar. Very typical and authentic sounding, as the lyrics go against the paradigm.

4. Musical theatre style track, which requires an already written underscore to be plumped up with strings, percussion and other textures and soundbites that help paint the story within the lyrics.

5.Slide Blues number with James Brown influences.

6. Reggae track reminiscent of old-time raggae with the feel of a Mr Hudson track.

7. Dance track – free to interpret, needs a killer beat.

8. Motown number with very obvious supremes style influence.

9. French traditional folk song meets oom-Pah-Pah. Accordions and other stereotypically French sounds needed to create a torch song with a twist.

10. Burlesque style, raunchy number. With heavy saxophone and brass.

The songs have all been written and have music, chord sequences established. But these are flexible with some of the songs and would be adaptable for the right reasons. This project has a lot of scope for a creative and innovative musician to stretch their wings and we’re excited to be on the search for such a person. A publishing conversation would take place before and after each track has been worked on.

Some of the songs simply need ‘beefing up’ with strings and percussion, but others need a complete sound created. We look forward to speaking with those that feel they are eligible.

Please email Daniel directly: [email protected]

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