Garnish Music Production School in London

Sound Recordist Required

We are CC41, a small Theatre Company that are filming one of our writing projects as a 5 minute short. We set out to film this with no other motive than to make something we could all be proud of, but if it turns out as well as we hope we will be considering submitting it to festivals and competitions.  We are shooting in South London on the 22nd September with a professional director, DP and actors. We have had our original sound person drop out, so we are looking for a new sound recordist. The film has no funding, so we can’t really afford to pay much, but it may be a good opportunity for someone starting out to gain a film credit and I can guarantee you’ll be working with a very friendly, creative team. It’s an indoor shoot for one full day (probably 8 ‘till 8), the set up is a school reunion, but the majority of the film centres around a conversation between two women.  

If you’d like to get in touch for more information, please do, but sooner the better really as we are fast approaching our shoot date!

Thanks, Helen Casey <[email protected]>

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