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Binge Thinking June 2011

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Join us for a night of binge thinking, drinking, listening and maybe even a bit of foot tapping and head nodding on Wednesday 8th June. We have two fantastic talks at our first event at the book club. One from Paul Waller (Spice Girls, Massive Attack, Eric Clapton) on the impact of electricty on music and the other from Alex Von Soos (All Saints, Atomic Kitten) on the science behind turning a simple song idea into a hit record. Come down, experience something interesting and discuss with like-minded people over a few drinks and some great music. What more would you want out of an evening in Shoreditch?!
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“This is the music production school London has been waiting for” – Norman Jay MBE

“The EDM course looks awesome” – Anthony Middleton (Audiofly)


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