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Novation remote sl mk 2 automap software with logic pro 9

Novation Remote sl mk 2 automap software with logic pro 9:

Logic 9 courses. Another thing the chap from Focusrite told me is that now Novation Automap software works now with all Logic Pro 9 plug ins. Weird because it was only this year Novation told me that Logic Pro 9 plugsins were written in a completely different way than ALL 3rd party plug ins and Automap would never work!

Automap is very useful; if you have a Novation Remote or Remote SL, the software assigns all the parameters of the plugins to the midi controllers of the Novation Remote or Novation Remote SL so you don’t have to figure out or assign a midi controller for the filter cut off or what ever parameter of your plugin. The Automap software is programmed so it knows which parameter is on what midi controller and displays it on the display making things much easier. Newly supported software plugins include exs24, es1, es2, Sculpture, es m, evb3, evd6, efm1, es e, es p, evoc 20 ps, evp88, Ultrabeat and even the test oscillator!

I personally have a Remote 25 SL, and it is available to use and I can demonstrate Novations Automapping software in my Logic Pro Courses and Music production courses.

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