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Anyone who does an audio mixing course should experience life ‘out of the box’. Not only is it fun to have a play on a load of real analogue kit, we believe that your mixes in the box will benefit from this experience.

Balancing tracks

Victor balancing up a backing track on the Neve. It is a different art and most of my engineer friends hate using mice, but I have to say, i’m so used to them now and I really don’t mind.

Mixing music

Nick plays a mix Gabriel brought in through the NS10s, the Genelec 1030s, and finally the Quested big boys which need scaffolding to hold in place. But if you don’t have lots of monitoring options in your studio, fear not, checking your mixes in different environments has the same effect, although it may not be as convenient. My favourite is the car test.

Analogue Connections

If you understand signal flow in the analogue domain, your mixes will benefit; not only will you appreciate all the plug-ins you have access to, the infinite (processor allowing) instances you have of each plug-in, you will think differently when using plug-ins and your mixes will improve as a result of this. It’s more than just understanding how busses and auxs work. Music mixing courses don’t get any better than this!

Patch Bay Spaghetti

Here’s a close up of the patch bay and those lovely Avid Pro Tools interfaces!

Explaining Analogue Processing

Nick is about to scratch his shoulder. Gabriel likes this.

How to Mix Music

Mixing the old with the new; multitrack in Pro Tools up the Neve. We don’t use tape in these sessions but there’s an old 2″ and 1/2″ we have a look at.

Vocal Booth

 Live room

Masking tape

Finally Gabriel marks the the individual channels on the Neve with the parts before mixing. Are there any other uses for masking tape?!

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