Music Technology Diploma Online

You can take a UK-accredited Music Technology Diploma with us from anywhere in the world, working at home with the aid of one-to-one private tuition via video conferencing. Master industry-ready skills from the comfort of your own home in a bespoke and unique way. Start now and finish when you’ve completed your work!

You can be an expert in music technology and just take our academic package, which includes all the coaching necessary for the academic aspect of the diploma. If you’re a beginner or intermediate student, you can learn the subjects with us by ‘bolting-on’ as many video one-to-one tutoring sessions you require, as you go. It is recommended that beginners bolt-on between four and eight tuition hours per unit. You decide how long you want to take, and with world-class tutors in London and Los Angeles to accommodate time zones, our Music Technology Diploma is suitable for students of all levels, worldwide!

To put together your bespoke Music Technology Diploma, you must take the Music Sequencing and Production unit, then choose multiple optional units from the selection below ensuring the credit value adds up to 180. The maximum grade you can achieve is Distinction*; that equals 420 UCAS points, which is equivalent to three UK A* grades at A-Level, which you will be able to include on your résumé. The price includes 30 hours of private tuition.

You may also choose a lower-level award (Diploma, Subsidiary Diploma, Extended Certificate or Certificate) by doing fewer units, but it would equate to a lesser qualification. Let us know, if you’d like more information on that.

Equipment: You will need a computer to work on with a DAW installed, and broadband which can handle video conferencing.

Coming soon: Italian and Spanish-speaking tutors, so some foreign students can do the qualification in their first language; and diploma paths in music business, music performance and music composition. Do get in touch if you’re interested in the other diploma paths, alternative languages, and we do take language requests too!

Unit Title & Credit Value

2366 Music Sequencing and Production 15 (compulsory)

2367 Music Sequencing and Production 15 (Media)

2368 Live Sound Recording* 15

2369 Digital Recording and Production* 15

2370 Studio Sound Recording* 15

2371 Studio Sound Mixing 15

2372 Studio Audio Mastering 10

2374 Remixing & Production 10

2377 Rewiring & Synchronisation 10

2378 Digital Synthesis 10

2379 Analogue Synthesis (Software Based) 10

2380 Creating a Sample Library 10

2381 Using Dynamic Processors 10

2382 Using Multi-Effects 15

2383 Using Equalisation & Filters 10

2384 Using a Keyboard with a DAW 15

2303 Arranging Music (Applications) 15

2304 Composing Music (Styles) 15

2305 Composing Music (Collaboration) 15

2306 Composing Music (Solo) 10

2308 Composing for Interactive Media 15

2309 Composing for Adverts and TV 15

2311 Practical Harmony Application (Chords & Progressions) 15

2312 Practical Harmony Application (Chord Substitutions) 10

2313 Practical Harmony Application (Counterpoint) 10

2314 Practical Harmony Application (Pedals) 10

2318 Listening to Music 10

2320 Music Dissertation 15

2339 Revenue Flow In The Music Industry 10

2340 Copyright In The Music Industry 15

2341 Royalties And Music 10

2343 Music Marketing 10

2346 Music Publishing 10

2350 Music Press And Journalism 10

2385 Improving Instrumental Performance* 15

2386 Practical Musicianship* 15


Academic package + 30 hours of tuition – £1999

Additional subsidised tuition as required – from £35 p/h**

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* Extra equipment will be required for these units.

** £35 p/h subsidised tuition can only be purchased in blocks of 10 hours. Individual hours are £50.