Garnish Music Production School in London

Happy Hardcore Don FM 1993

The guys from CR2 records have set up in LA, and I nipped over to Mark’s swanky house in Beachwood in the Hollywood Hills for a bit of dinner EMP and Logic instructor Larry is engineering for Mark and CR2 so we may have our first duel-site trans-Atlantic instructor soon! We’re chatting away and it turns out Mark, his little brother, my little brother and I all went to the same comprehensive school, Elliott. I was the year above Mark and our little brothers were around about the same age too!

Naturally, we take a nostalgic trip down memory lane figuring out all the people we mutually know and of course we get on to electronic music at the time. Back then Happy Hardcore and Jungle were massive, I used to play on London’s Don FM which he used to listen to as everyone into music of that genre in the area did. We were reeling off names of DJs and reciting the old MCs catchphrases. I can almost feel our Songwriting instructor Alex Von Soos cringing at some of them!

When I got home I wondered if there was any trace of my time on Don FM on the net, after all, it was peak time at 1.30 am early Sunday morning. I went by the name DJ Flight. This was long before Alf Garnish. Someone somewhere must have recorded it. Sure enough they did, although it was a tame daytime set without my regular MC, MC OC. Still, better than not at all, so here it is for you lot to laugh at…

DJ_Flight_Don_FM_105.7_Summer_1993 by Steven Ewing on Mixcloud

Note the enthusiasm in the mixing – mix it, cut in, show off and let everyone know I am in the mix at every opportunity! If you think it all sounds a bit… unsophisticated, you’d be right – it was 20 years ago. 20 years before that, no one had thought of blending two tracks together on turntables at all. That really makes me feel old now!

Hope you enjoy it. Be kind with my mixing please – on top of what I just said, I had only been mixing for a few months on my mate’s belt driven Citronic turntables. The only time I got to have a go on Techniques was when I was live on air to the country’s underground massive!