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Logic Classes | How To Use Logic Pro 9

Our Logic Pro classes differ from most Logic classes you see in London; not only do you learn how to use Logic Pro 9, but you also learn how to make a record fromEDM courses instructors including Larry Holcome who is an Apple Logic certified trainer and also makes records at the very top level. In our Logic Pro course, we take you from the very basics; what a DAW is and how it works, MIDI, workflow and file management, plugins, channel strips and Apple Loops. In our week two in our sequence of Logic Classes you will be making your own unique sounds in your introduction to synthesis.

Week 3 is all about audio and sound engineering techniques; you will learn how to use Logic to record vocals and guitars, how to compile takes effectively and learn all about microphones; the different types, makes and microphone techniques.

Arranging and music theory is covered in week 4 along with using the hyper editor, environment objects like chord memorizer, the arpeggiator and delay line. Sampling is in week 5 and the new funky facility Logic ‘borrowed’ form recycle.

In week 6 you will get an introduction to mixing covering automation in Logic, convolution plugins, inserts, busses and grouping.

You can see our Logic classes and all our other diploma music production courses HERE


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