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Our mixing audio engineering course takes place at the Arthaus in Hackney, London’s creative hot spot in East London and perfect for an audio engineering school.  Jam-packed full of classic and innovative mixing techniques, tips and tricks shared to you by our established mix engineer instructors.

Learners do five weeks in the Mac Suite covering EQ, acoustics and the art of balancing in week one, dynamics in week two which includes everything from compression to gates including side chaining. At this point you should be able to get fantastic sounding monitor mixes.

Music Mixing CourseWeek 3 all about reverbs, delays and other FX to help you bring your mixes and your all round music production skills to life. Vocalists love week 4 as apart from a live and acoustic music listening critique, it’s all about vocals; balancing, levels, dynamic control to achieve a master quality vocal sound, assuming it’s recorded reasonably well of course! Week 5 along with the electronic music listening critique, you dip your toe into the dark art that is mastering to give you a good all round knowledge.

Week 6 is a bit of a treat where we let you loose in the analogue domain on the Neve 8078, which is arguably the best sounding recording and mixing console ever made. Along with the Neve, we have racks and racks of vintage outboard equipment for you to have a play with. We believe having this day ‘out of the box’ will benefit your mixes immensely alone.

We’re currently developing a six week recording audio engineering course to be delivered entirely in the Neve room consisting of recording all the major Recording Room Treatmentinstruments including drums, vocals, bass and guitar. Learn about different tips of microphones, microphone polar patterns, microphone techniques and phasing.

This course is written for the home studio where you wouldn’t have the facilities a commercial studio does. It’s all very well learning how to mix a record, but if your source material isn’t up to scratch, not even Mark ‘Spike’ Stent could make it sound good!


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