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Babyshambles Star Does Our Logic and EMP Courses

Straight after Placebo’s Stefan Olsdal on the last cycle, Adam Ficek of Babyshambles fame did the EMP course too. He also did a Logic course last year, and was kind enough to spend a minute to answer a few questions on his experience with us.

So we know you as a rock star with Babyshambles, but EMP stands for Electronic Music Production. Why did the guitarist from Babyshambles do an EMP course?

I’ve always had a healthy interest in electronic based music alongside traditional guitar music. My first record deal was with an electro band called ‘Mains Ignition’ it was a great opportunity to dip into production and start to find my way around an early version of Logic. A little further down the line and my band ‘Babyshambles’ then hit the media roof due to all the shenanigans surrounding us, so I suppose that’s what I’m known for primarily. Regarding the EMP course, I felt I needed to gain a much deeper insight into the techniques and processes used in electronic music to enable me to bring my own productions to a higher standard. My solo releases under ‘RKC’ have always fused traditional and computer based compositions so a course like this was perfect.


Will anything you’ve learnt on the course have an influence your future material?

Definitely, it takes me a while to ‘play in’ all the concepts and techniques but I’m currently  putting my newly learnt skills towards making my 4th album. Although I’m leaning towards a more guitar based sound for this release, it will still be underpinned with electronica and all the freedom that it can bring. The course has given me a much better understanding of the techniques used in electronic genres especially synthesis and how to sculpt individual sounds.

Do you have any plans for any more courses with us or anyone else?

I will be doing the mixing course at Garnish to strengthen my skills in that area. In these days of industry decline it’s important to be able to do as much as you can before passing it on to be mixed. I’m hoping to get enough experience in the future to be able to mix my own records and then just get someone to master them.

What do you think about The Arthaus?

The Arthaus is much bigger than the previous location and the facilities in the class make it a much better learning environment. It’s great!

Finally, if you could change anything about your experience so far with us, what would it be?

I thought the courses were pretty much perfect, perhaps some video tutorials to tie in with the lessons could be beneficial.

That’s a great idea, but unfortunately we wouldn’t do that because we’d worry they’d be distributed, and our techniques copied.

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us, and see you for some mixing and mastering action later in the year!

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