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Music Mixing CourseAt Garnish School of Sound, we specialise in dance music production courses for DJs who are ready to move up the ladder by putting out their own releases. We have beginners DAW music production courses in Logic and Ableton which people normally do before our specialist electronics music production and Mixing & Mastering courses. Learn dance music production in London

Learn to produce dance musicThe only way to succeed as a DJ these days is to release your own dance music productions in your style. You can either teach yourself by reading manuals and trawling through hundreds of online videos or learn from friends. This will take a very long time!

By far the fastest and most effective way to achieve this goal is to do a course at Garnish School of Sound where you come in and meet in person like minded learners and instructors, where you will get classroom interaction and feedback and more often than not, make some fantastic industry connections.

Whether you’re a DJ and a complete beginner and are still to make up your mind which DAW to choose, or you’ve been tinkering around for a while in Logic and/or Ableton and want to take your dance music productionskills to the next level by doing our EDM and Mixing & Mastering courses.

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