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Des’ree Does Logic Course

We were honoured to have pop/soul artist Des’ree do our Logic course, and she was kind enough to answer a few questions. 

Thanks for doing a course with us, and we hope you enjoyed it. Please tell us why did you do a music production course?

?I prefer the structure of courses as opposed to muddling through by myself.? I also like the classroom atmosphere.??

What made you choose logic??

I have always written songs in the old fashioned way, ?leaving anything technical to my co-writers and co-producers.? I thought it was time for me to learn the Logic language.

??Did you enjoy the Logic course?

?I did enjoy it. It’s amazing what it can do? and you can use it anywhere.??Des'ree You Gotta Be

What made you choose GSS?

?I liked the look of the website. ?It got straight to the point on the opening page.? The curriculum was just what I was looking for.??

What next with your music production?

?Being more hands-on with the technical side of it.

??Would you have wanted anything extra or different from the course?

?It seems very comprehensive.? I liked that if any lectures were missed you attend again on a future cycle.??

Do you have any plans for any more courses with us or anyone else?

?I’m really into CPD Continued Professional/Personal Development) so it’s highly likely.

Thanks Dee, it was a pleasure to have you here, and we hope to see you again sometime.

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