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EDM: Electronic Dance Music Production – Nu-Disco Filtering

EDM: Electronic Dance Music Production – Nu-Disco Filtering:

Here’s number four in my SOW series on a short Sound Design course I wrote back in the day.

The learners will:

Will identify with filtering, how the three basic filters work – LP, HP and bandpass and judge when it’d be a good idea to use them.

They will be able to identify the most common parameters on a filter, relate to analogue and digital.

They will understand how to create filtering using envelopes.

how to filter disco house samples

Explain filters and filtering. Explain Low Pass, High Pass, Band Step and Band Pass filters,2,4,6 pole and db/octave slopes, resonance, cutoff, drive, key. Low Cut is the same of High Pass, High Cut is the same as Low Pass.

Group listening of Low Pass filtering on Daft Punk records.

Group identification and discussion. Demonstrate by recreating the same low pass filtering on an old speeded up 70’s disco record. Filtering samples, Low pass disco house filtering.

Explain why different makes of filters sound different.

Discuss analogue and digital filter algorithms. Set group task of controlling filters using envelopes which we covered last time.

Demonstration on filters in Logic where the filtering can be seen and audio can be seen on the spectrum analyser in Logic’s channel EQ as well as heard. Learners to experiment with filters on their developing sound.

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  • dialashop
    November 15, 2010 12:54 pm

    Filtering is very important when you are mixing and mastering music. Learning about the various ways to use them helps you add clarity to your music. However if don’t really understand them you can destroy a track. Once you understand the basic in recording and mixing, filtering is definteley the next thing worth understanding properly and mastering.

    • Garnish
      November 16, 2010 12:18 am

      Thanks for your comment. Over 150 people see this a day now. It’d be nice if more people commented. Thanks!

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