Garnish Music Production School in London

Enrollment on a music production course.

I’m writing to you in regards to enrollment on a music production course. I’ve been djing for nearly 8 years now and currently using Virtual DJ & Hercules RMX controller. I have played in various bars and clubs in London, I was resident in few places and I am currently hosting London’s biggest Middle Eastern club night once every month with a minimum turn out of 100-150 people. I’ve recently came back from Ibiza trip and I am full of new ideas and I’d like to take my DJ Career to the next level. I am looking for a music academy/ center that is willing to mentor me and support me in reaching the top. I specialize in mixing eastern western music including Arabic, Turkish, Iranian, Greek, Indian, African and ethnic house music and I believe that this is a niche market with great potential for growth. I think there is nearly none or very few talented producers that can remix or produce house beats for Middle Eastern singers hence there is a huge demand for skill in the market. I have a wide knowledge of Middle eastern music and I have passion for mixing eastern western music.

Here are my requirements.

  • Learn not only to use but also to master a music production software and be able to produce beats with middle eastern vocals and instruments
  • Learn how to incorporate middle eastern instruments with western beats
  • Learn how to produce beats for singers and how to arrange instrument and music set up.
  • Produce a good Middle Eastern House track upon completing the course.
  • Receive support/ mentoring from the college on how to break into the club/ music industry
  • Receive tips on how to get a dj slot in big clubs/ music festivals and perhaps doing a contract with DJ management agencies

Here is a brief background about me.

DJ Profile

  • Award winner of The Best Middle Eastern DJ In The West
  • Performed in various cities in the UK, Europe and the Middle East including 500 club nights and over 20 festivals/ concerts.
  • Performed with famous international and local singers, artists, dancers and MC’s such as Massari, DAM Hip Hop Group and more
  • Host of Eastern temptation – The official and biggest Middle Eastern Event in London
  • Over 4000 fans and followers from various Middle Eastern communities  Iranian, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Asian etc..)
  • Official YouTube Channel has more than 80 music videos and over 280,000 views