Garnish Music Production School in London

Soundcheque Intern Programme


The Soundcheque Intern Programme is a twelve (12) week internship-based on 2 days per week working alongside the CEO, available for former Garnish students.

Your role is to assist the CEO with A&R, music events, admin and social media.

The programme offers a creative, ambitiuous, tech savvy graduate the opportunity to learn how the world of events management, PR and new business development work by operating Soundcheque business functions from the factory floor up.


The ideal candidate must:­
Love music, be tech savvy, hungry for success, hard working, sociable, have events experience, a flair for design with a good understanding of Photoshop and a full knowledge of Google Drive.

You may also be required to help update the website, so a basic understanding of WordPress and HTML is preferred.


The internship is paid a stipend of £50 per week for the full twelve weeks based on the intern successfully completing a series of performance targets each week. This structure is in place to ensure that we responsibly manage your workload and also provide you with an insight to the speed, constraints and deliverables associated with our world.

In addition, by working with us for three months, you will build an invaluable network of contacts in the music, TV, film, charity, events, agency and brand marketing worlds with which to further your career. if you have met all your performance targets but don’t end up working with us full time after the intern programme, we will provide you with a reference and help link your CV to some of our relevant contacts.

Joining the Soundcheque Intern Programme

Firstly, please visit our Soundcheque website and also our annual music gala Sound for Sight and familiarise yourself with the content.

Please send a CV (and a cover letter of no more than 1 page) to [email protected], with details of the course you did with Garnish.

Please tell us in the covering letter:

?  Why do you want to join the intern programme?

?  What do you aspire to do in the entertainment industry?

?  What excites you the most about working with Soundcheque?

?  What contacts/skills/knowledge can you bring to the team?Following this your application will be reviewed and, if successful, we would like you to start immediately. You will be based in London alongside our fast­paced CEO.The Programme

The Programme

Once on the programme we will give you the following range of tasks and responsibilities:


You will be responsible for maintaining all new and existing contacts in our current Google Drive database and booking meetings with high profile contacts.


Our current events are:­ ‘Cue the Music’ (monthly) and ‘Sound for Sight’ (annually). You will help curate the line up for events, ensure all the tech specs are met for each artist and assist the CEO in promoting our events.

Managing our social media accounts:

Tweet music related news items and update the Facebook Vimeo and YouTube accounts.

Attending promotional events: attending breakthrough artist showcase events / live gigs and industry networking events to scout for talent and recruit new clients.

Researching new opportunities: we may ask you to research and build a list of new contacts for us to reach out to. These could include record labels, artist managers, music publishers, charities etc.

Programme Review and Post Programme:

On the final day of the programme, we will conduct a performance review based on your activities and tasks completed. This is also an opportunity for you to feedback to us about the experience and how we can improve the work environment and intern programme in the future.

We cannot guarantee that we will employ you at the end of the intern programme and successful completion of the allocated tasks does not qualify an intern for automatic full or part time employment.

However we have set up the programme to provide Soundcheque, our clients and partners, and the wider industry with an increased quantity of well-trained entry-level employees. Consequently, if you have proven yourself to a high standard on the programme, should we not go on to employ you directly we will provide you with a positive reference and email it out to our network with our recommendation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

From Team Soundcheque ‘Helping Music Makers Make It’ Soundcheque.com