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My time at Garnish London's year long Electronic Music Production course has been invaluable. Being able to learn from industry professionals who are at the top of their game whilst still maintaining a realistic price point just goes to show what is possible. It has made such a big difference to my musical journey learning production first hand in a small focused environment with other musicians, instead of trying to learn it all online by myself. This course has covered all of the fundamentals of music production in a comprehensive, practical and hands-on way and I really couldn't have asked for a better experience. It also helps that the teachers have been patient, enthusiastic and friendly. Thanks for the experience and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me.

Lorin Pearce

The whole vibe of the place makes sense. We are not coming here to learn IT or accountancy, we are here to learn a skill that allows us to follow our artistic journey. That doesn't mean there should be incense & crystals everywhere but it does mean that a relaxed & friendly atmosphere is crucial. This is supposed to be fun & at GMP it very much is.

Kitt Proudfoot

Highly recommend this course for any aspiring electronic music producer.

Acid Steve

Being on tour most of our life means there is little time to make records let alone read manuals or learn new bits of kit. We got a tour of the course, and I was blown away with the amazing usable textures you can get from the most basic of source sounds. The manipulation of the audio is incredible – really inspiring. This course is awesome and perfect for DJs who want to take that all-important leap and produce their own music to progress.

Anthony Middleton (Audiofly)

Ive been DJing for years now and realise that the only way to progress these days is to produce my own releasable music. As a beginner, I tried out some private tuition from a bloke I found on Gumtree. I wasn't getting much out of it at all and I even started to question myself. I did the course at Garnish after a friend recommended it. It was brilliant, our instructors were amazing, their enthusiasm when teaching is something else. Also very comforting knowing that one of them had released a new dance album I was already well aware of. A great mix of people on the course, and I've just finished my EP, it's such a wicked feeling 🙂 I can't recommend the course enough!

Melvo Baptiste (Defected/Glitterbox)

I learnt more on this courses than I did on my BA (Hons) degree.

Anthony Kellaway

Daily News, Worldwide