Private Tuition

Music Production & DJ Private Tuition | London

For specific schedules and learning needs, we offer private one-to-one (or two, three…) lessons for most classes, including Electronic Music DJ, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Mixing & Mastering, Sound Design, Songwriting, and much more, for people who want to take our classes, but are unable to commit to our schedule, want a bespoke experience, or want to train in a private and discrete setting. NDA? No problem.

Private Tuition

• 24-hour package: £1200 (£50 per hour). Excludes studio fees if a studio or location is required
• Hourly tuition fee: £65 per hour. Cannot later be factored into a 24-hour package. Excludes studio fees if a studio is required
• Add 50% for each additional person

Location in London

• In our acoustically treated pro studio: Add £15 per hour
• In a writing room at our facility: Add £8 per hour
• At your home/studio/hotel/online: No additional fee, but reasonable travel costs may be added