Industry Diploma

Course Price: £4999

Learn how to write and produce your music in classes of no more than six people.

You will be taught by industry professionals, actively making a living in London’s music industry, who will show you the songwriting and production the pros use to create great music. We want you to be motivated and inspired by your instructors and classmates, taking your music to the next level at East-London’s boutique music production school. 

Our Industry Diploma covers a range of genres and offers you over 360 hours of class time, mentoring sessions, homework assignments and access to the Garnish studio when you’re not in class. The course finishes with two full days at Goldsmith Music Studios, where you can record your music in a professional recording environment, using high-end equipment.

As a producer, you will work to write, produce, engineer, mix and master your music. As an artist you will learn how to release and promote your music. During the course you will be given the option to specialise in either songwriting or electronic music production.

If you’re interested in accreditation, students can opt in to take a Grade 6-8 examination. They are a great way to reinforce what you’ve learnt on the course, whilst gaining some helpful UCAS points.

Upcoming Courses:

6 Months | Start: 21st September 2020 – End: 30th April 2020

9am – 2pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
(Christmas Break 19th Dec – 3rd Jan)


1 Year | Start: 1st October 2020 – End: 2nd July 2021 

11am – 6pm every Tuesday and Thursday


If these schedules do not suit you, then consider our 3 month Music Producer Program

Course Information:

Logic Pro X

Logic offers huge potential and during this course you will work from the basics to the advanced. With our in-house Grammy-winner being a fan of Logic, it’s safe to say that you will be in good hands learning how top-notch producers use Logic in their productions. You’ll leave the course feeling confident in producing your music on Logic, and with the know-how to make your music sound professional.

“I switched to Ableton from Logic many years ago, but recently I’ve been missing Logic, so I decided to brush up to get the best of both worlds. I called Garnish, of course and the guys were great and got me back up to speed in no time” Jamie Jones

Ableton Live

Through our hands-on instruction, you will discover the key concepts that Ableton Live offers, including the session and arrangement windows, clips, scenes, and warping. All GMP learners worldwide qualify for a 40% discount.

Music Foundations

Learn the fundamentals of music theory from professional songwriters. Put an end to trial and error by understanding keys, rhythm, harmony, and chord progressions.

Audio Engineering

They say it’s easier to build something great if the foundation is solid. And this much is certainly true when it comes to the sonics of your tune. We aim to teach the science behind audio engineering so that you have a clear idea of how you want your music to sound and what to do to achieve that. From there, your mixing and mastering processes will become infinitely easier and open up more possibilities, allowing you to create that banger you’ve always wanted to.

Mixing & Mastering

You’ll learn how to do the things professional mix engineers do when they mix their tracks, for instance: in-depth EQ, filling the frequency spectrum, dynamic controllers, mixing vocals, and how to make just a few elements sound HUGE! But we won’t stop there. We appreciate that music creation doesn’t stop when you step outside of the classroom, and so we will give you tailored advice as to how to set up your home studio.

Electronic Sound Design

Many pro electronic music producers do not get past subtractive synthesis in their entire career, but you will cover subtractive, wavetable, granular, additive and frequency modulated synthesis. They’ll also be sampling, resampling, glitch tips and more advanced beat-making techniques in this section, as you develop your sound.

Advanced Ableton & Synthesis

By this point in the program you’ll have gone further than many professional producers with your sound design skills. We take it much further and introduce you to additive, granular, wavetable synthesis, and Max4live devices. You’ll also cover advanced sampling, advanced warping and Racks & Chains. At the end of the module you will learn how to apply your music for media (film and TV).

Live Performance

You will focus on getting your projects finished taking advantage of bespoke tips and advice in a concentrated blast of mentoring sessions. You’ll also be introduced to Ableton Live for performance by understanding how to take tracks to the stage and perform them Live for yourself and for other artists if that’s a route that interests you. Also, you’ll learn advanced MIDI techniques for every live scenario available today.

Music Business

To finish off the program, you’ll learn how to create an effective EPK, market and brand yourself, negotiate deals, get genuine social media followers, and get the most out of digital distribution.

Field Trips

We take you to a fully commercial recording studio in London where you will get to play and program in a room full of old analogue synths and toys to find some real analogue sounds for your tracks.

Free Unlimited Short Course Membership!

All Academy learners at Garnish will gain a free unlimited membership for our shorter courses, worldwide. This means you can take as many 36-hour courses at any of our participating locations (London, Miami, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco) free of charge, with no cap on volume or time! Our offer is valid as long as there is availability at your chosen participating school.

Additional Information
  • Controller keyboards, and headphones are provided for everyone.
  • Use one of our classroom’s iMacs, or bring your own laptop.
  • All students are eligible for a range of education discounts on software.