Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X

Course Price: £599

(Live online course available for £199 – 20 hours tuition)

Learn to produce in Logic Pro X at our boutique school in class sizes of no more than six

Alternatively, sign up to our live interactive online course, where you can learn remotely via video conferencing.

As well as being a music production course for beginners, our lessons serve more experienced self-taught Logic users. You will learn how to build a great workflow and use shortcuts with our team of active industry professionals.

Total class time is 36 hours (20 hour online) where you can ask questions and learn from your instructor and fellow learners.

The health and safety of our students is our top priority, and as such we have temporarily suspended face to face classes at our London school.

In order to continue our commitment to teaching awesome music production courses at great value, we are now offering online courses in Ableton Live.

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June 7th – July 12th

11am – 6pm every Sunday

Course Information:

The Basics
  • Setting up Logic and overview of the interface
  • Workflow and file management
  • Introducing the EXS24 Sampler & Ultrabeat
  • How to program MIDI and make beats
  • Quantizing and groove manipulation
  • Apple loops
  • Automation
  • Logic’s mixer
Instruments & FX
  • Logic’s virtual instruments
  • Channel strips
  • Logic’s FX and MIDI FX
  • Using MIDI controllers
  • Vocoding
  • Advanced automation
  • Where to find samples and sampling law
  • Mapping drums, tuning and manipulation
  • Chopping up loops
  • Getting samples in time
  • Filtering and manipulating samples
MIDI & Virtual Instruments
  • Understanding virtual instruments
  • Setting up a MIDI keyboard or drum pad controllers
  • Sampling with MIDI
  • Making beats with drum rack
  • Grooves + groove extraction
  • Getting creative with MIDI effects
Sound Engineering & Recording
  • Sound waves, frequency, and amplitude
  • Signal path and gain structure
  • Foldback, headphone mixes, and latency
  • Different types and applications of microphones
  • Compiling audio takes
  • Stereo recording techniques
Advanced Logic Pro X
  • Key command customisation
  • Advance MIDI editing and hyper editing
  • Arrangement tools, folders, and global tracks
  • Flex Pitch and Flex Time
  • Manipulating tempo, time stretching
  • Busses & Routing
  • Creating a monitor mix
Music for Media
  • Importing and working with video
  • Working to a brief
  • Tempo mapping and time codes
  • Sound design and music for video games
Additional Information
  • Use your own laptop, or use our iMacs free of charge. 
  • Headphones, controllers and Ableton Push are available to use.
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