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Logic Pro X Music Production | London

Learn to produce in Logic Pro X in class sizes of no more than six. As well as being a music production course for beginners, our lessons serve more experienced self-taught Logic users as they learn workflow shortcuts with our team of industry active professionals from our superior roster, who will show you how to produce music in Logic, just as they do.

Total class time is 36 hours where you can ask a question and bounce off of your tutors and fellow learners exactly when you’re feeling inspired, or… confused! Please do take a second to appreciate the value in that over online courses and tutorials.

If you miss any sessions due to holidays or illness, we will do our best to engineer it so you can come back on a future cycle of your choice and catch up. All courses come with extensive notes put together by our expert course developers, and you also get an industry recognised certificate on successful completion. Get connected and join our new Logic Pro X Facebook user group here.

Many learners these days prefer to use their own laptops on our courses for things like getting help customising their set-up, and they have their project exactly as they left it in class to work on at home. So we made the course more affordable, but added a £50 supplement for learners who wish to hire an iMac loaded with software. Please ensure you book an iMac when you book your course if you need one. Controller keyboards, headphones, and audio interfaces are always provided for everyone.


The Basics

  • Setting up Logic and overview of the interface
  • Speeding up workflow and file management
  • Introducing the EXS 24 sampler and Ultrabeat
  • How to program MIDI and make some beats
  • All about quantise and groove
  • Apple loops dos and don’ts
  • Automation part 1

Instruments & FX

  • Logic’s instruments
  • Channel Strips dos and don’ts
  • Using Sculpture to craft organic sounds
  • Logic’s FX and MIDI FX
  • Using MIDI controllers
  • Vocoding
  • Automation part 2


  • Where to get samples and the law
  • Mapping drums, tuning and manipulation
  • Chopping up loops in Logic X
  • Getting samples into time with your song
  • Filtering and manipulating samples
  • Automation part 3

Sound Engineering and Recording Techniques

  • Sound waves, frequency, and amplitude
  • The record path and gain structure
  • Foldback, headphone mixes, and latency
  • Microphone types, makes and polar patterns – what to use and how to use for vocals and popular instruments
  • Compiling audio takes
  • Stereo recording techniques

Arranging In Logic & Advanced Midi

  • Tips on key command customisation
  • Advance MIDI editing and hyper editing
  • Arrangement tools, folders, and global tracks
  • Flex Pitch and Flex Time
  • Manipulating tempo, time stretching and using Flex Time

Music for Media

  • Logic’s mixer from top to bottom
  • Routing tips
  • Creating a monitor mix
  • Sync styles, trends and typical briefs
  • Tempo mapping/TC markers and TC basics
  • Arrangement tips for orchestra and theme building/stem creation
  • Sound design and music for video games
  • Exam

Our Instructors!

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Songwriting and performing has always been my thing but I've always been interested in the more technical side. A friend told me about Garnish School and their instructors so I booked their Logic course. It was just brilliant. The course was paced perfectly and I don't think i've ever learnt so much in six weeks before. I'm finally very comfortable with Logic now and am getting ideas down on planes traveling to gigs

Robert Owens

The course has helped demystify things that once confused me and were made worse by bad video tutorials and badly written magazines. I learnt more in a few days than I did reading all those magazines.

Savvas Fellas

I found the Logic course really inspiring and completely relevant to what I am trying to achieve. In such a small time I have progressed immensely and now can have solutions for what I had been struggling with for so long. I've even leant how to record vocals properly too! Online tutorial videos were just bewildering and I wish I had done this course years ago. Next up is EMP and I can't wait!

Sam Ball (DJ)

I got everything I wanted out of the course and more. What I initially came for I got out of the first 2 weeks, but after that everything was a bonus. Money well spent!

Aymon Elsawify

I have been shown lots of shortcuts and different ways to make sounds soo much bigger better more full and exciting . I have shown people what I learned in a day which they did not know about and they have been using logic for years!

Luke Darling

A really good way of filling in the gaps of your knowledge if you dabble in production but want to learn how to use it properly - in-depth and taught well, so you to learn quickly and easily with loads of practical exercises and homework.

Tim Medcraft

I thought the courses were pretty much perfect!

Adam 'Babyshambles' Ficek

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