Sound Design & Synthesis

Sound Design & Synthesis

Course Price: £699

Learn how to make your sound better in the world’s boutique music production school, with class sizes of no more than six people, now with the option to pay in interest free installments.

If you want to learn how to cultivate your own sound from synths, samples and effects, this course if for you.

Predominantly aimed at electronic music producers, this 36 hour course will teach you skills applicable to any DAW, synth, sampler or drum machine. Learn the difference types of synthesis, how to use samples in amazing ways, and how to evolve your sounds to always keep your listeners interested.

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Upcoming Sound Design & Synthesis course:

Sundays 11:30 – 18:00

26th February – 2nd April 2023

Course Information:

  • Audio and MIDI fundamentals
  • Envelopes, frequency, phase and waveform displays and more
  • An introduction to spectral analysis and oscilloscopes
  • Synthesising, sampling, layering and processing drums with Ultrabeat
Subtractive Synthesis
  • The history and foundations of analog synthesis
  • Oscillators, waveforms, filters, amps, and LFOs
  • How to make basses, pads, leads and FX using only limited tools
  • How to make your presets work for you
Wavetable Synthesis
  • Advanced subtractive techniques
  • Oscillator Sync, ring modulation and more
  • Wavetable synthesis – Internal routing, layering & tuning oscillators and making kinetic sounds
  • Customisable LFOs, waveshaping, sample rate reduction and distortion
  • Endless modulation possibilities!
FM Synthesis
  • Audio-rate modulation of oscillators, amplitude, and filters
  • Getting to grips with frequency modulation synthesis
  • Using EFM1 and Operator to make huge expressive pads to digital basses
  • Advanced arpeggiating
  • FM8’s modulation matrix and breakpoint envelopes
Sampling & Granular Synthesis
  • Granular and Additive Synthesis
  • Absynth, Razor, Reaktor, Kontakt and more
  • Manipulating recording beyond recognition
  • Sampling and Resampling in your DAW
  • Vocoding basics
Reaktor, Modular Synthesis & Production Techniques
  • An introduction to Reaktor, building and editing pre-existing ensembles
  • Drum machines, sequencers, effects and synths
  • Eurorack modular synthesis on our very own modular system
  • Advanced production techniques
Additional Information
  • Use your own laptop, or use our iMacs free of charge.
  • Headphones, controllers and Ableton Push are available to use.
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