Music Production Summer Camp

Music Production Summer Camp

Course Price: £1199

If you’re looking for an interesting, fun and productive way to spend your summer holiday, join us at our four week music production Summer Camp. 

Immerse yourself in 80 hours of lessons where you will learn the skills and techniques to write, record and finish your music in either Ableton or Logic Pro X. The course is delivered by active industry professionals who will guide and mentor you. You will gain the skills to craft your own music and then release it to the world.

If you’re ready to get serious with your music production, then our summer camp is for you.

July 29th – August 23rd 2020: Monday to Friday

Course Information:

Ableton Live

Discover the key concepts that Ableton Live offers, including the session and arrangement windows, clips, scenes, and warping. You’ll learn how to create tracks for your music, or make beats on the fly – it all becomes simple with our hands on instructor.

Logic Pro X

Many professional producers are well versed in Logic Pro, actively using it as their main Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and producing number 1 hits with it. Logic offers massive potential in making your musical ideas sound incredible and professional

Sound Design & Synthesis

Learn how to make new and interesting sounds through subtractive, wavetable, granular, additive and frequency modulated synthesis. You will also cover sampling, resampling, glitch tips and more advanced beat-making techniques in this section, as you develop your sound. All of this will contribute to having a much bigger and unique sound for your music.

Recording Techniques

You will gain important skills such as microphone setups, managing sound levels, controlling inputs and outputs and an overview of the hardware that is on offer. The science behind audio engineering is key to unlocking the sonics of your music. With key skills and a good understanding of audio engineering, the mixing and mastering process will become much easier and will allow you to open up more possibilities.

Mixing & Mastering

Learn how to balance the sounds that lie on your frequency spectrum, with the elements of your music flowing cohesively throughout the track. Reach new sonic heights by understanding EQ, compression, layering, effects, automation, panning, distortion and many more. Not only will this understanding assist you in making those sample packs sound huge, but it will also allow your music to reach a new professional level.

Music Business

To finish off the program, you’ll learn how to market and brand yourself, negotiate deals, get genuine social media followers, and get the most out of digital distribution.

Additional Information
  • This course supports Ableton for PC. 
  • Garnish students are eligible for a 40% discount on Ableton products.
  • Use your own laptop, or use our iMacs free of charge. 
  • Headphones, controllers and Ableton Push are provided.