Video Production Course

Video Production Course

Learn the art of shooting and editing professional-grade content on our video production course in Hollywood, Los Angeles. From understanding camera settings and to achieve optimum results, to post production workflows optimized for time and flexibility..

The editing half is focusses in Adobe Premiere CC, but Final Cut users can still take the course if they have a grasp of the basics of non linear editing.


101 – Video Production


Pre Production

Location Scouting

Scripting/Script Writing



Camera Operation

Sensor Size and Crop Factor

Exposure Triangle and achieving proper exposure

How shutter speed relates to frame rates

Compressed vs Raw Video

Bit Rates and Color Spacing




Focal Length

Primes vs Zooms

Using different filters(ND/UV)


201 – Editing


Understanding Functions

Importing footage and creating new sequences

Use of tools in timeline

Color Grading and Visual Effects


Optimizing Workflow

Organizing footage

Working with proxies



Understand different codecs

Export setting for different audiences/channels

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Matt Stanley shot and edited our testimonial video and will be teaching you how to make videos to this standard. Check it out ↓

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    What a fabulous place, and the instructors are brilliant. The Ableton course I did was spot on.

    Tayo (Radio 1)

    I learned more in the first day at Garnish from a fellow industry pro than I did in a whole course at a large, non-specialised college from a career teacher

    Cormac (Fabric Resident)

    By week three I’d learnt more than I thought would have been possible in six. Tutors are great, I was never one for school, but have taken to this. The real impact is when I get home and am putting it into practice.

    Andrew Bartlett

    I took the Abelton Live 6-week beginners course and thought it a highly professional and thorough educational experience. The tutors were great, while the facilities and environment were perfect for such an undertaking. I will be returning, most likely for the Electronic Music course. Highly recommended if you are looking for a welcoming introduction to music production.

    Simon Russell (Rough Trade Records)

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