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Louder Than Words Festival

louderthanwordsNow in it’s second year, the exciting literary festival Louder than Words will be opening it’s doors again at the Palace Hotel in Manchester and we have to say it looks pretty special. The festival celebrates the words of the music industry, be them oral, written or published, on the weekend of Friday 14th – Sunday 16th November 2014 and we are certainly looking forward to attending.

A wide variety of authors, performers, journalists, DJs and music publishers will be in attendance, alongside a few famous faces. Guy Garvey from Elbow will be on the panel alongside original Hacienda DJ Graeme Park and Trevor Miller, who wrote the first ever rave novel, Trip City, way back in 1989.

This book really was way ahead of it’s time and even came with a soundtrack tape created by A Guy Called Gerald glued to the front. Gerald will be performing the music that accompanied the book and Miller will be reading passages from the novel to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the book’s release. Anyone who purchases the book will now even find the soundtrack attached to the cover on a USB instead of tape. Oh how times have changed!

Check out this wickedly moody Guy Called Gerald tune below from the soundtrack. We hadn’t ever heard of the book but having listened to a few of the tunes and read the review we have just purchased a used copy from Amazon. You can still pick up an original copy with tape included for £150, so a real collectors item.

Louder Than Words is sponsored by The Arts Council England and is the perfect place to visit workshops, join in discussions and listen to interviews with the people who’s words have launched a thousand careers. Also if you’re a budding writer, it’s the perfect place to network and meet like minded individuals. Maybe even your new boss!

Chair of the panel, Simon A. Morrison, said –

People care passionately about this culture, and they also care about the way it’s reported, whether in fiction or non-fiction. So whether stepping on the dancefloor yourself, or reading about it in a book, the panel will cover the lot.

You can buy a full weekend pass or individual days, so be sure to pass through if you’re in the Manchester area to visit this exciting literary festival. We certainly plan to have a schmooze around and check out the Guy Called Gerald and Trevor Miller performance which is sure to be something special.