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SubPac Event

In LA the folks at SubPac dropped by to show me their innovative device designed for people who want to feel low frequencies when listening to audio. Ideal for gamers, people in cars or at home who want to experience low frequencies but not annoy the neighbours or damage eardrums! Another target market is the music production market–people in their mixing rooms who want to feel bass like they never would be able to through monitors.

The devices are basically transducers stuffed into a pack that is strapped to a seat. They’re wired up to the output of a sound source and work pretty much like a sub-woofer vibrating to low frequencies, but throughout your body. Great fun! See the DJ Tech Tools reviews. The next generation are designed to be strapped to your body so you can experience SubPac on the go.

I think these things are great and can see them selling really well for gamers especially, and in cinema seats too! I’m not sure I’d want one permanently in my studio chair if I still mixed records all the time, as I think I would take too much time getting used to one. I am a bit old and stuck in my ways, but I can see the value fine tuning bass, ensuring there’s no sub where there shouldn’t be and checking a mixes before bouncing for sure. I’d probably install one in the assistants chair and swap with him or her every now and then!

You can come and try one out for yourself at the studio on the evening of October 30th at our open evening from 7pm. The guys from SubPack will be around to demo the units for you. Bring your music player so you can check out music of your choice. Also around will be the team from the school if you have any questions about the school and courses until the end of the year and 2014. Also some special guests, past learners and a few faces affiliated with the school have confirmed! We will all be floating between the school, conference room, atrium and The Fields bar/restaurant all under one roof in the fabulous Arthaus between 7pm – 11pm. We hope you will be there too and feel free to share this post with the like-minded.

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  • Tony
    October 24, 2013 12:22 am


  • Gryphene
    October 27, 2013 1:06 am

    vibrating low frequencies…. Count me in!

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