I learned a lot thanks to a very qualified and professional instructor, who enriched the theory with useful practical tips and tricks that really helped improve my work

- Dafni Piffer

My time at Garnish London's year long Electronic Music Production course has been invaluable. Being able to learn from industry professionals who are at the top of their game whilst still maintaining a realistic price point just goes to show what is possible. It has made such a big difference to my musical journey learning production first hand in a small focused environment with other musicians, instead of trying to learn it all online by myself. This course has covered all of the fundamentals of music production in a comprehensive, practical and hands-on way and I really couldn't have asked for a better experience. It also helps that the teachers have been patient, enthusiastic and friendly. Thanks for the experience and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me.

- Lorin Pearce

Before I did this course I already had a degree in mixing and mastering from a music conservatoire in Leeds and so I was worried that I may be going over old things I already knew. However, I found that although I already had prior knowledge of studio mixing, EQ and Compression etc. The course and its accompanying notes (Which were extremely thorough) helped me to consolidate and give clarity and confidence to the topics and techniques I had encountered before, as well as introducing me to many new skills and techniques. Money well spent. I'd also like to give thanks to the instructors, who were extremely knowledgeable and approachable throughout.

- Matt Belmont

Songwriting and performing has always been my thing but I've always been interested in the more technical side. A friend told me about Garnish School and their instructors so I booked their Logic course. It was just brilliant. The course was paced perfectly and I don't think i've ever learnt so much in six weeks before. I'm finally very comfortable with Logic now and am getting ideas down on planes traveling to gigs

- Robert Owens

As a songwriter/producer I relied heavily on engineers for recording and mixing if I wanted to get my tracks sounding like masters. I always wanted to do more myself but struggled to learn anything watching an engineer zip around Logic or Pro Tools at 1000 mph! Then I found Garnish School of Sound and did their Mixing and Mastering course. It was exactly what I needed, we covered everything I was unsure of in the past from using buses properly, EQ, audio compression and using specialist mastering plugins. Everything was explained and demonstrated in a way I understood. I never thought i'd ever be able get such great sounding tracks doing everything myself.

- Ben Cullum

Being from a songwriting and artist background, I was keen to learn the production side in Logic. The instructors were amazing, and I felt they explained things in a language I could understand. Now I am zipping around it almost as comfortably as I am when writing a song!

- Natasha Bedingfield

Many thanks for a brilliant course! You've really pulled back the curtain on songwriting and I can't wait to start applying it all to my own songs - it's great! Thanks 🙂

- Mike Campbell

I really enjoyed every second of the course and will try to take every new tool and tip on board. Already listening completely differently to songs on the radio.

- Ruud Boon

The course was amazing. It’s the education I should have had at school. I have learnt so many new ways of writing and analysing. It was a fun course to do and I couldn’t believe that the lessons were all day as the time just flew by each time. I’ve found a new love for listening to Radio 1 which I lost many years ago. It was thoroughly enjoyable and Alex just has so much knowledge that he is happy to share with people. The course is terrific value for money. Everyone’s equality and diversity was recognised and everyone was treated with dignity and respect. If you only ever do one thing in your life, make sure it’s this course.

- Mike Wheeler

I know your teaching methods are ‘future proof’ and you have some awesome teachers who can express themselves very precisely, perfect balance between theory and practice. It was an overall perfect impression and I wish you and your school all the best.

- Stefan Splinter

The whole vibe of the place makes sense. We are not coming here to learn IT or accountancy, we are here to learn a skill that allows us to follow our artistic journey. That doesn't mean there should be incense & crystals everywhere but it does mean that a relaxed & friendly atmosphere is crucial. This is supposed to be fun & at GMP it very much is.

- Kitt Proudfoot

Fantastic facilities and expert tuition from world-class songwriters, engineers, and producers!

- Mark Tomlinson

Good sized classes, easy to interact, well prepared and methodical learning

- Yerosha Windrich