Music Production School Summer Camp

Music Production School Summer Camp

Music Production School Summer Camp | London

If you’re looking for an interesting, fun and productive way to spend some of your summer holiday, why not join us for a month at our music production Summer Camp? Immerse yourself into learning how to make the music you love using the latest technology. Originally written for younger learners, it has been a hit with all ages!

In class sizes of no more than seven, you will learn sampling, programming drums, recording & editing vocals, production tips & tricks, mixing & mastering and much more. You’ll be mentored by experienced certified trainers, Grammy-winning pro producers, and guest music industry specialists, who will give you feedback on your masterpieces. Through these techniques, you will gain the skills to craft your own tracks from start to finish and learn how to get them out there.

Logic Pro X is one of the most popular music production software packages for composers, recording artists, and producers. The camp with Ableton Live (40% off for GMP students worldwide) is a firm favourite of DJs, top-line songwriters and producers who like to create ‘on the fly’. Get in touch if you need advice on which DAW/Camp to choose.

If you’re ready to get serious with your music production, then our summer camp is for you. Please be aware that places on this camp sold out last year, so booking early is advised to avoid disappointment. Our superior roster of instructors are all professional music producers, and will be on hand to offer their expertise to teach you a wide range of techniques:-

  • Competently use your music production software (DAW) of choice
  • Master sound design and synthesis to recreate the sounds you hear in your head
  • Learn the science of recording, so that your vocals and recorded instruments sound professional
  • The art of mixing to make your tracks sound full, punchy and thumping
  • Learn insider tips on mastering to create loud, but still dynamic sounding tracks
  • Learn how to get your music noticed and how to market yourself
  • 80 class hours – where else can you get this many hours at this price?
  • Save £100 when you bring your own laptop**



Monday – Friday | June 25 – July 20 | 10.00 – 14.00 (Ableton-based)

Monday – Friday | June 25 – July 20 | 15.00 – 19.00 (Logic-based)

Monday – Friday | July 30 – August 24 | 10.00 – 14.00 (Ableton-based)

Monday – Friday | July 30 – August 24 | 15.00 – 19.00 (Ableton-based)

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* A note about availability: we run very small classes, and this Summer only 28 students in total will be accepted across all courses.  If the course you wanted is Sold Out, try another date. If no other date is available, contact us immediately via email to get on the waiting list, there are always one or two cancellations or other options we can suggest.
** If you take this offer you will not be allocated a computer; you are responsible for having a working laptop with the necessary software installed correctly from day one of the course; failing to do so may impact on the quality of your experience, and result in additional charges being applied. A midi keyboard controller is provided for every student, but you are also welcome to bring yours if you like. If in doubt, email us and we will help you through the process of selecting the best computer and software before the course starts.