£30 Ableton Music Production Taster

Music School HackneyOur two-hour music production beginners taster classes worked so well in Logic, they are back, but this time in the revolutionary software Ableton Live, and the much talked about brand new version 9!

In just two hours you will learn how to lay down some beats and produce a track in your genre and even burn it to a CD to take home. We aren’t expecting any no. 1s from these beginner taster classes, but you will get a really good feel for music production, which will help you decide if you’d like to take it further before committing to buying software or taking a longer course.

Come and see for yourself what sets us apart from other music production schools, and why we are the college of choice for beginners, as well as established professionals which recently have included Stefan Olsdal from Placebo, Adam Fieck from Babyshambles, Tayo and Des’ree!

Monday day sessions: 10.30 and 13.00 – March 25, June 17 and July 15

Wednesday evenings 19.00 – June 12, 26 and July 17

Thursday evenings 19.00 – April 4, June 20, July 18

Friday day sessions: 10.30 and 13.00 – May 17, and June 7

Saturday evenings 19.00 – April 13, May 25, June 22 and July 27

Sunday evenings 19.00. – April 28, May 19, June 23 and July 28

Session consists of:-

  • Tour of Ableton 9
  • The principles of sequencing
  • Building a beat in your genre
  • Adding textures
  • Putting music to your beat
  • MIDI note editing
  • Arranging your masterpiece
  • Mixdown and burn to CD

This is a beginners course, there are no prerequisites, and you don’t even have to know how to play an instrument!

We advise you to check availability first, then pay using the Google Wallet button below. You will need to bring your Google Wallet number with you to do the course.



All taster enquiries are handled via email only. Please use the map on our website because the postcode for our new building doesn’t quite match up on online maps yet. The main thing to remember is that we are in the large red brick building in between Mare Street and the railway bridge. We are on the right as you come from Mare Street.

If you’re late, we will have already started and you will not be able to catch up as we would have to stop the whole group to catch up any latecomers, and that’s not fair on them so we don’t. You will not be able to get a refund or book yourself on another session without paying again. Please leave yourself plenty of time. If you are very early, we have an art gallery in the building which you can look around for free, and there’s also a nice cafe/pizzeria.

If you cancel and give us fewer than 48 hours notice regardless of the reason, we will not be able to find a replacement so you will only be able to rebook by paying again.

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