One Week Music Production Summer Camp

One Week Music Production Summer Camp

One Week Music Production Summer Camp | London

Our one-week Music Production Summer Camp is a shorter version of our more comprehensive one-month music production summer camp, and is design specifically for our teen learners. Our production learners will still get a good feel of your their software, learn some sound design, mixing & mastering, music theory, songwriting, and even get an insight in to the modern music industry. Our DJ camp is focused on DJing electronic music, and the dance music industry.

The Electronic Music Camp is based in Ableton Live 10, and is more popular with DJs who want to make the leap and produce their own electronic music. All Garnish learners qualify got a 40% discount on Ableton software. We will send you details shortly before the beginning of your camp.

The Modern Music Camp is based in Logic Pro X, and is for aspiring singer/songwriters and producers of live/contemporary/pop music. There are no education discounts available for Logic, but it is one of the more affordable DAWs.

The DJ Camp is for our next generation Superstar DJs, who want to learn how to DJ electronic music on industry standard Pioneer Nexus equipment.

Are you ready to up your music game? Our superior roster of music production and DJ instructors are waiting to share their expertise and get you on your way to greatness!

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This course really teaches you from the basics right up to more advanced techniques. I learnt things in a day that would have taken me ages to try and figure out. It really prepares you for the more advanced things like mastering.

Troy Blackwood

The course structure and the amount of information packed into each session is perfect, it means that people who work can learn skills and not have to take a year/months out. The summer school structure provided a great focus and was paced well so I have learned a lot whilst not feeling overwhelmed.

Emma Hickman

Great tutor. Very fun/relaxed environment.

Liam O'Donnell