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Latest Success Story – Dorbachov

We love an alumni success story, and Damien O’Reilly aka Dorbachov shares his accelerated journey from complete novice on our beginners Logic course just last year to professional producer and remixer this year!

“I started my journey into production a little over a year ago. Having toyed with the idea for some time and experimenting with everything from Fruity loops to Maschine without actually finishing anything. After a decade I decided it was time to get cracking and booked a studio week with an engineer to get some of my tracks finished.

Having seen the efficiency that an educated engineer can work with I knew the next step for me would be to do courses. After researching the subject in-depth I decided to book 2 week long courses, Logic and Electronic Music Production, with Garnish Music Production School in summer 2012.

This was the catalyst for me in relation to my attitude to music production. I found the tutors shared their knowledge freely and it was great to be able to ask industry professionals questions and learn their secrets as opposed to being bombarded with time wasting irrelevant textbook jargon. I felt more confident in my productions and felt more in control as I could form tracks by will as opposed to trial & error.

Earlier this year after relocating to England I enrolled in the Mixing & Mastering course at Garnish and I no longer feel the need to bring my tracks to an engineer for mixdown. You could tell from the word go that the tutors, Al & Tom are working at the top of their game with the techniques they were teaching and the workflow they instilled in all of us. I even found that some of the techniques I learned very helpfull in relation to sound design / production. It was during this time that by a chance encouter I was commissioned to remix the title track of Channel 4’s “Utopia” by Kudos Productions. I’m sure Al will recognise some of the techniques that blurred the lines between mixing & production that were on his syllabus on my remix.

From a point of view to mastering Tom was superb, he really lifted the cloak of mystery that I had held in relation to mastering and I now feel confident enough to master something i’ve just finished in the studio for roadtesting in one of my DJ sets.

My latest release the “Yugen” Ep is out now on Glasgow imprint Clutch Trax and is currently sitting at No. 17 on the Beatport Minimal releases top 100 and is being supported by;  Slam, Sasha Carassi, John Selway, Jon Rundell, Bodyscrub, Forest People, Ben Long (Space DJs), DAVE The Drummer, Diarmaid O Meara,  Like Creed, L.A.W,  Gabeen,  A-brothers, Adrian Hour, Albert Kraner, Anderson Noise, Bas Thomas, Christian Kionke, Dkult, Elbodrop, Electrorites, Fnoob Radio, Hefty, Manuel Pisu, Mat (The Zone) , Michael Schwarz, MicRoCheep & Mollo, Nicklas Enace, QLe, Replikant, Spiral Tribe, Stefano Infusino, Stevie Webster, Stevie Wilson, Terry Whyte, Tex Rec, Vegim, Vinyl Club, Xpansul”

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