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The Best Portable Speakers on the Market

Devious Soul shares his thoughts on the best portable speakers on the market

There once was a time when the above contraption was the only way to make your sounds loud and portable but let’s face it; the ‘boom-box’ was a pretty cool piece of kit! Alas, as technology has advanced over the years and everything has become smaller and sleeker, this long forgotten droid from a galaxy far, far away has now been made redundant by a far superior range of robotic noise conductors!

Now you really can take your sounds wherever you are in the world with the latest portable Bluetooth speakers that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Check out our guide to the best lightweight boom boxes on the market today that are perfect for creating music and DJ mixes whilst on the move.

Bose Soundlink II

Also available in a smaller ‘mini’ version, we prefer the original style and sound for offering the perfect wireless system. The sound capacity for a box this size is fantastic with a real warmth to the bass and crystal clear clarity on the top ends. Minor gripes would be the Bluetooth can be a bit temperamental at times and the bass can become slightly lower when really cranking it so keep this at a good sound level and you won’t find many better speakers on the market for the price.

Jawbone Jambox

This pocket sized speaker allows hands free pairing with your phone via Bluetooth and also stops streaming when you receive a call. ‘Oh no, I need to waste my energy moving my hand to take a call’ we hear you cry, but not with this little droid from the future. The built in microphone allows you to take the call through the speaker, plus with up five hours playing time on a single charge this is the perfect picnic accompaniment whilst wooing your chosen victim over a scotch egg and a crescent of crisps.

Native Union Switch

Offering crystal clear sound quality in a half-kilo rectangle that can be positioned both horizontally and vertically, the Native Union Switch is everything you need from a Bluetooth speaker and then some. Not only does the Switch offer an amazing 14 hours of playback, but the auxiliary in and out allows you to CHARGE your phone whilst it’s playing. Any iPhone user is going to enjoy that special feature!

Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12

This is like the Death Star of portable music boxes but with a price that would have even Darth Vader choking on his skinny mocha! You pay for what you get though and with this bad boy you are receiving nearly three kilograms of musical power at your fingertips. Featuring USB, mini jack and eight hours rechargeable battery, the Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12 offers 2.1 stereo with 2 tweeters and a sub woofer to really blow away the competition and your overdraft!

Technology has certainly changed a lot since the ‘Electric Boogaloo’, but to our mind you won’t go too far wrong with the Bose Soundlink. The mini version is also cheaper and far more portable and the sound quality is second to none, as you would expect with all Bose products. Take one for a test run at your local dealership and let us know how you get on.


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