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Garnish School MixingGarnish School of Sound is a music tech school in London who provide music technology training training for learners who want to learn how to make records from music tech teachers who are making records at a high level themselves, whether it’s a DAW beginners course, an Electronic Music Production course, or more advanced Mixing & Masting or Electronic Sound Design courses. Garnish School of Sound is the music tech school of choice for beginners right through to established DJs, producers and even rock stars! Check out our music tech school reviews to see exactly who’s been on our courses singing the praises of the best music tech teachers in the UK, if not the world.

We appreciate that choosing the right music tech school is vital, so we would be delighted to show you around the facilities here and answer any questions you may have about the courses we offer. Just get in touch to make an appointment.

Come and see for yourself why we are the music tech school of choice for established professionals which so far this year alone have included Stefan Olsdal from Placebo, Adam Fieck from Babyshambles, DJ Tayo and Des’ree!

Below is a tutorial video one of our London-based music tech teachers, and one half of Rebel Sonix Larry Holcombe put together showing us how he programs up Dubstep Drums in Logic. It’s a three-part video series which is well worth following as it gets much deeper  in parts two and three if this is a little basic for you. All principles apply to all music styles. Find the other videos on our YouTube channel.



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