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Kinetic Metal

Kinetic Metal

KINETIC METAL is an inspiring, highly-playable instrument of unconventional sources for ethereal textures and tonal percussion part of Native Instrument’s famous Kontakt 5 sampler.

The METALS section controls the sound layers containing the metal samples of the currently selected Forge preset. With some exceptions, these are often percussive in nature. The WAVES section is for mixing the synthetic, textural aspects of the currently selected Forge preset.

While the faders control the values stored in the presets, the white lines underneath them depict the actual values of the Forge morph knob. When rotating the Forge morph knob, the fader values of the two presets adjacent to the knob position are morphed (interpolated) according to the preset settings. This leads to endless sonic possibilities even before the sound reaches the FX section of KINETIC METAL.

Directly below the faders you see the Solo buttons of the METALS and WAVES volume faders. The state of the Solo buttons is depicted by glowing orange colored LEDs. If one or more Solo buttons are active, only the soloed layers can be heard. Note that this also depends on the setting of the respective volume fader. If the fader is all the way down to zero, you won’t hear anything despite an active Solo button.

The MASTER volume knob between the METALS and WAVES fader sections controls the overall level of the currently selected preset. Note that this knob also gets morphed when you use the Forge morph knob. Use it to balance the relative levels of the four Forge presets the instrument holds.

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