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Melodic Steps Ableton Creative Extensions

Melodic Steps Sequencer

Melodic steps is a fast and intuitive MIDI sequencer, which is part of Creative Extensions, one of the latest free packs from Ableton Live, that creates evolving melodies with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Use it to create quick melodic variation, polyrhythmic melodies, or simply randomize your results. Melodic Steps’ interface is designed for play, encouraging experimentation and new discoveries.

We can change the pitch via the octave and transposition sequences, as well as the length and velocity. The possibility that a step is played is determined by the chance sequence and every sequence can be randomized by the hard or soft random buttons.

Controls for selecting root and scale, triplets and swing can be found on the right of the panel.

It’s not mandatory to have a clip playing since the MIDI notes are generated by the sequencer, but we can still play a clip and force which notes are played with the MIDI button.

To see how Melodic Steps works, watch our YouTube video below.

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