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Logic For Beginners | DJ L-Roche Blog # 2

Logic For Beginners | DJ L-Roche DJ L-Roche Blog # 2

So we’re all back having experimented with Logic in our own time, therefore with a better understanding of the program. We briefly went through a recap of last weeks session; the keyboard shortcuts, where to find certain tools/files and what these tools do. There’s another addition to the class this week, he is a guitarist who has been using Logic for a while but has never been taught the functions, he has only ever played it by ear. Through the day it was actually really interesting to hear the questions he had; he obviously understood classic music theory and with Logic he knew some of what the tools did but not why. Having him come in is also reassuring in just how valuable these Logic for beginners sessions are.

So this week we learnt Synthesis (the study of Synthesisers)! Larry explained at the beginning it was going to be tough – and it was! He Female DJ From Manchester, DJ L-Rocheassured he would ‘try and demystify the subject as much as possible’. There is physics involved therefore some of the language seems irrelevant to us because its roots are in that side of science, but it wasn’t off-putting. For these who don’t know (like me before this session) Synthesis is recreating sounds; recreating the sounds of original instruments and creating sound effects, furthermore, sounds that don’t exist outside synths. This can all be done through Logic. We basically NEED to get our head around how it all works to be able to create our own sounds!

There are digital or analogue synths, digital synths in the program itself and a synth you plug in, but before we experimented with these we went through the physics of sound i.e. air vibrations, how the human ear works, different aspects of a waveform, scales, frequency ranges, harmonics… all important stuff! None of us are there to learn physics but knowing these things will benefit us when using Logic. It obviously really does help to know music theory, its not a cut in stone rule, but it will help. I have only touched upon music theory in school, on the course everyone’s music theory knowledge varies; I have basic understanding of it along with others in the class.

In the studio set up we were watching Larry using the Logic synths, e.g. he played a jungle tune to us then demonstrated how that exact sound can be created. He really does know everything and we’re lucky to have such a great tutor, at some points of the day we were really confused but with the explanations and experimenting ourselves things become clearer… practice practice practice! We’re all aware of how much time it is going to take for us to be able to produce the sounds we want. Practicing will stack up our knowledge, meaning we can make sounds more interesting and more like how we imagine them to be. Its mind-boggling just how much the Digital synthesisers can do… challenge whilst at home is creating a whole song just using the synth i.e. make a kick drum, snare, bass, the melody I want, the effects I want… all from the synth… I’ll let you know how that goes haha!!

Next week in this Logic for beginners course is sampling, really excited about this because a load of my favourite songs are have been made with samples and samples are essential for electronic music!


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