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What Recording & Mixing Console Is Best?

I have a home studio which I would like to use to produce my own music. I currently have preamps for every input into my Presonus 16 Fire tube interface. I think the Presonus gets a good sound but may upgrade I have a decent Microphone Closet and outboard effects processors, multiple choices for Bass and guitar processing. Take a look at this rough layout and let me know if you have any suggestions. I think I am going to take a recording class as the last time I actually recorded I was using tape (which I still prefer for ease of use). I have this notion that I must have a console, and I’d like to know what recording & mixing console is best. What is your opinion of the setup and if I can purchase one what inexpensive (clean) inexpensive console would you consider.

I can send an example of an acoustic track which I just recorded (no effects of overdubs). I have attached a list of equipment to give you an idea of what I am working with. Please keep in mind it is a garage studio but I do want a clean sound which is “competitive”

Studio Projects TB1/wPreamp, Cascade VInJet Ribbon S/N 22, MXL 144 Ribbon, Sennheiser 609, 421(4) EV RE20, 635?, 664 gold or silver for harp), AKG 3000(2), 3000b(2), Perception 200(2), Perception 100, D12(Kick), 535eb, D175. OKtavia MK 319, ADK Vienna, Studio Projects B1(2),
Audio Technica 4033, 3035, 2020 plus 1000 set, Apex 460 /MullardTube Mod/w Preamp, Heil Pr 40, Heil PR 30 (2, Samson Q-Kick, Shure KSM 27, SM58(4), Shure SM57(4), Vintage 55 SW , Large 55S Elvis, Crown Proximity PCC 160, AKG D202 (Abby Rd Bass drum Mic), Shure Assorted Duncan/Fishman Acoustic Guitar Pickups (high and low imp also Doyle hand made High Imp recording P/U). Superlux 628, Realistic Barrel Harp Mic(Japan), Sony ECM 939 LT stereo electret, Zoom H4 , assorted direct boxes and art Preamps also extra DBX 286A , Presonus Firestudio Tube 16 Channel 96 KHz
Adobe Audition 3, Sonar Studio 8, Cubase(don’t use)

1 Focusrite 1 ISA Pre Pro VLA 1 WH
2 DBX 286A Pro VLA 2 BL
3 TB1 Pre Pro VLA 3 L YEL
4 Apex Pre Pro VLA 4 Gray
5 DBX 286A S PVTB1 Tube Pre (Loop) 5 Blue
6 Focusrite Penta L/R 6 Red
7 Crest Pro 1 CH Hush Unit /EQ 7 Dk Yel
Focusrite Penta L/R

Rane DC24 Gate
1 2 3 4
Patch Bay
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Drum Rack
Bass Gtr 8 BBE Bass Amp DBX1631P EQ (Loop) Ashley SC 50 Com (Loop) 8
Alesis Nano Microverb Shelf

Kick 9 Crest Pro1CH DBX 131 x eq 9
10 Snare DBX 286A Pre 10
11 Tom L Art Tube DBX Comp 11
12 Tom R Art Tube DBX Comp 12
13 Fl Tom Art Tube DBX Comp 13
14 HH Art Tube DBX Comp 14

15 OVH Presonus Pre 15
16 OVH Presonus Pre 16

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