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Hannah Seeks Electronic Music Collaborators

Hannah Seeks Electronic Music Collaborators

I’ve been making music professionally for about 7 years, in quite a varied way, releasing records with my first band The Bicycle Thieves (no longer together), The Accidental and the Memory Band all quite influenced by Folk and Indi music. I had a two year period of writing for Pop Artists as a top line writer at Xenomania. I have  worked with various collaborators including Roots Manuva’s Banana Klan, Dot Allison etc… I’m working on more guitar folky projects at the moment.


I have a burning desire to explore making electronic music – I have had a couple of false starts finding the right people/person for this new project but have learnt a lot along the way and it has given me a more clear vision of what i want to make. So I want to find electronic musicians to collaborate with. I feel most productive and excited when collaborating rather than working alone.

I’m thinking very strong melodic songs with thoughtful electronic production (with the production being integral to the songwriting process) –  of a pallet of 80’s drum machine sounds TR-707/ 808, synths mixed with Rhodes keyboards and more organic sounds – Some references would be New Look, Kwes, Jamie XX, Love Inks, Two Bears, Hot Chip, Friends, Kisses, Fleetwood Mac, The Cure to name a few … but I am open too as I have a very eclectic taste and experience of music – grew up in London listening to Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, got into Indi and folk music in my late teens.. 

I’m based in Hackney East london – Its important for me to actually be in the same room (rather than emailing tracks back and forth) when writing with someone so that probably restricts my search to people based in the UK.

If you’re interested in getting involved please send me an email with a bit about your career so far in music (even if early days) and listing some of you influences with some mp3 examples of production and previous projects.. You can hear examples of my voice/previous work here – but this is not the style of music I envisage for this NEW project so is purely so you can hear my voice really : http://soundcloud.com/hannahdelia/sets Email: [email protected]

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