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Songwriting Open Evening

A note from our Songwriting School Instructor Alex Von Soos…

Easter School 2014

Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve all had a good Easter break and are back in music mode! Please allow me to  keep you up-to-date with the upcoming course dates, all as advertised on our website here where you’ll also find more details:


First of all, I’m planning a Songwriting School party on Sunday 18th May at 3pm at my studio in Fulham. A chance to see the course venue, talk to the instructor, meet former songwriting students and do some good old-fashioned networking and gossiping.

This event is FREE to attend-including copious amounts of FREE beer:)

The next Hit Songwriting course starts on 31st May and the one after that on 12th July.

The next Chart Music Production (CMP) course is on 28th/29th June and just before that, on 22th June we have the second edition of our new Vocal Recording&Production course which was very well received-see our testimonials!

To RSVP for the party/Open Day or any info including booking details for the courses just click on the “Contact Info” tab in the Songwriting School menu.

Enough plugging from me-I’d be most delighted to see you at my Spring party in May or even one of the courses if you’re not into beer and gossip!