Ableton Award

Ableton Award

This fully comprehensive program is designed for people ready to get serious with their music in Ableton, and take them from zero to electronic music producing hero in no fewer than 120 hours of top-notch certified training in Ableton Live Suite in a 5, 7 or 10-week schedule. Produce a track fit for release on our split-level music production course designed by our Ableton Certified Trainer, Marcello Ruggiu.

Level 1

Learn Ableton Live Suite from the ground up covering everything you need to know about this revolutionary DAW, and all of the add-ons in Suite, together with the best of Max4Live devices, dipping your toe into what goes into making a device to give you a full understanding of what’s possible when producing the music you love.

There are plenty strategically placed mentoring sessions so you get lots of time to work on your music with the help of your mentor, which will not only help you assimilate the content but you’ll come out at the end with a track (or two) fit for release.

Level 2

You will learn advanced synthesis, sampling and audio manipulation techniques that will greatly enhance the sonic tools available to you when producing music and sound. You will also greatly expand your working knowledge of Live – learning to use it quickly and intuitively, seamlessly integrating into the Push 2 hardware. Lots of time is dedicated to track analytics so you can find out exactly how your favourite tracks are made with intense exercises in reproducing those techniques.

  • Advanced Ableton techniques – getting in-depth with racks, chains and routing to create complex and evolving layers of instruments, rhythms and FX and parallel process for huge stacked sounds.
  • Additive and FM synthesis in Operator – discover the true power of this unassuming Suite Instrument for ultra-precise sound design.
  • Granular Synthesis in Ableton – Create strange and beautiful granular textures using Sampler, Granulator and more.
  • Physical Modeling in Ableton – Create surfaces, pipes and membranes.
  • Max for Live – Out-of-the-box building blocks that turn Ableton into a truly modular music production environment.
  • Mixing and mastering – learn the art of mixing and mastering from guest specialists from our superior roster of instructors.

Working in groups of no more than six, this course will also help you to greatly further your skills in Sound Design and Production whether the aim is to create FX for the latest high-budget computer game, build a multi-channel interactive installation or simply take your electronic music production process and sound to a professional level.

$1849 £1499 for 2017 only

Tuesdays and Wednesdays for ten weeks | 11 – 6 | Start: Jan 10

Tuesday – Friday for five weeks | 11 – 6 | Start: March 21

Monday – Wednesday for seven weeks (Spring Bank Holiday off) | 11 – 6 | Start: May 15

Mondays and Wednesdays for ten weeks | 11 – 6 | Start: September 11

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