Electronic Music DJ Course

Electronic Music DJ Course

Electronic Music DJ Course | New York

Feature-packed, highly sophisticated, and rock-solid reliability, we recommend Traktor for all of our learners who take our DJ course in London. From global icons who wish to occupy the celebrity DJ space, or people just passionate about their music and want to take their first major step to a career as a serious electronic music DJ. Whether you’re new to Traktor or have already played around with it, you really should be aware of all the tricks and techniques available in order to master the art and be ahead of the competition.

Our full DJ course goes in-depth, not only with every feature of Traktor but with DJing on vinyl and performing live – even going as far as creating music with this software. A must for anyone serious about DJing. All the skills learnt seamlessly transfer to mixing with vinyl and CDJs, and are still transferable to most other DJ mixing software.


Configuration & Overview

  • Configuring audio & MIDI devices/TSI files/external inputs
  • Traktor’s many features explained & demystified
  • Preferences overview/configuring decks
  • Browser & layout configuration/editing tags
  • Importing & analyzing tracks
  • Creating, saving & exporting playlists/syncing with iTunes


Standard Techniques

  • Creating, editing & locking beat grids/sync methods
  • Creating, editing & storing cue points/advanced cue point features
  • Beat matching/counting beats/musical structures & BPM explained
  • Vinyl beatmatching workshop
  • Creating, editing, mapping, storing & using loops
  • Advanced panel options/hot cues
  • Recording mixes & single tunes/headphone cues


Advanced Techniques 1

  • Loop recorder/layered loops/storing/sample & remix decks
  • Using samples/building tunes/buildups/quantizing
  • MIDI modifiers/mapping shift buttons
  • Automatic mixing with cruise mode
  • Duplicating track parameters & why/advanced mixing techniques
  • Pro tips on how to pace mixes/analysis of a great DJ performance


Advanced Techniques 2

  • FX in depth analysis/turntable FX/deck stops/advanced transitions
  • Creative use of input routing/adding live elements to your mix
  • EQ explained/EQ types/filtering
  • Beat gridding difficult tracks/mixing different rhythmic styles, musical genres & BPMs together/key locking & mapping
  • In depth analysis of advanced features/4 deck mixing
  • Using acapellas & sound FX in your mix


Mapping & Performance Techniques

  • Using multiple controllers/controller choice
  • Using macros/syncing controller lights to functions
  • Interaction modes/hot keys/snap function
  • FX snapshots & mapping them/touch OSC
  • Key commands/pro performance techniques
  • Tempo shifting/flux mode


Integrating Traktor, Remixing & Promoting Yourself

  • Advanced remixing/beat & tune creation/harmonic mixing
  • Plugging into a club’s DJ booth/analogue & digital routing techniques
  • Syncing with Ableton Live
  • Using Traktor for iOS & Android/controlling Traktor from Touch OSC
  • Marketing & promoting yourself/social networking tips & techniques
  • Getting bookings/tips on how to steal the show when you perform


“Not only was the class very enjoyable but it also was very informative and comprehensive.” – Andres Monsalve

“Garnish is no nonsense and straight to the point. Top notch education!” – Amvision

“Everything went really well in Ibiza this year and I had so much fun! I am so glad you taught me, you’re the best xoxo” – Paris Hilton

“A great instructor and is very good at making his students feel comfortable. He teaches in a way that is easy to understand and also makes his lessons very fun. My overall experience in this class was great. I feel very lucky to have gotten him as my mentor. I’ve learned so much more with him than I could have learned on my own, and I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of this one week course. Thank you!” – Christine Lee

“It’s a great program, you get to learn a lot within the days. Our teacher has been very patient and made the whole process of learning very easy for us. Glad i signed up.” – Zdenka Valentova


Feel free to go ahead and book using the button below the dates, but if you have any questions, please do send us a message and we’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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