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Pete Waidson & Michael ‘The Fox’ Gleeson – Toolroom records release

In January 2013 Garnish Music Production School learners Pete Waidson (Mixing course) and Michael ‘The Fox’ Gleeson (Ableton course) had their first release on Toolroom Records entitled ‘Interferon’ which had huge support from label boss Mark Knight, as well as regular plays from Stefano Noferini, Ant Brooks and Umek. Since then they have had other releases on Toolroom, Hotfingers, and our debut E.P on Deeperfect is scheduled for October. Remix offers have come in from Mihalis Safras for his label ‘Material’ and a collaboration with Argentinas Adrian Hour is in the making right now!

Check out their latest release ‘Growler‘ on Beatport, and their September mix on Soundcloud.

Some words from Pete on his experience on our mixing course:

In 2009 I decided to take the leap from playing other peoples records to learn how to create my own. I did some research and after speaking to friends and some artists already in the industry I bought an iMac, monitors and Apple Logic Pro, just enough to get me going. A year went passed quickly but without much improvement to the music. I knew I needed some further education and this is when I found out about Garnish Music Production School and booked the 6 week Mixing course in London as I really needed to improve the quality of my sound and bring my tracks to life.

In Week 1 we covered Environment, Acoustics and EQ, things I didn’t realise made a huge difference, but after some really informative discussions with Dave in class, I realised how important the sound of your room can be and how it should be treated properly. One of the problems I had with my productions was getting good clarity and presence from sounds in the mix. Now with a well treated room and good knowledge of how to use EQ appropriately, my work  started to sound much more professional.

We covered Dynamics in week 2, including the theory behind how compressors, limiters, and noise gates work, and how to get the results you need from each. After some great tuition from Dave I now have an extensive knowledge of the different types of compressor circuitry and know my way around compressors being able to apply the right attack, release and knee settings necessary for the job.

In the weeks that followed we really started to get into the creative side of things and I had the pleasure of Larry Holcombe tutoring me on the use of reverbs, delays and other fx. This is where my tracks had really been lacking, until this course I had no idea how often reverb and delays are used but these are what made my tracks come to life. We really went in to detail and Larry explained how to use them, all with examples from other tracks so we could hear how these effects are used to keep the music moving and interesting for the listener. We set up some reverb and delay sends in class that I still use in my song template today! We also covered modulation and how to use it in breakdowns and how to build tension. After each week we were given paperwork that explained in detail what we had covered in class so we could go over things in our spare time. Due to the sheer volume of information covered I still refer back to these notes today to refresh my memory!

The tutoring styles from both Dave and Larry were excellent and they gladly provided answers to any musical questions I had, even if they were not covered in the course. The course was well structured enabling me to continue working in my regular job and still have time to work on music. I recommended the Garnish School of Sound to my producer partner Michael (The Fox) who completed the Ableton course and now as a result has sped up our workflow dramatically!

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