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Rebel Sonix video mixtape | Larry Holcombe

Larry Holcombe is our teaches mixing and mastering and week three of the EDM course where he shows he learners how to make Dubstep in Massive. Massive is the first tool that springs to mind of you want to start learning how to make Dubstep. As you progress, you will want to start using other toys too including Logic’s ES2 and maybe some outboard gear like a Nord lead 2. Larry shows you how to make a Dubstep bassline in Massive and then the exact same patch in Logic’s ES2 demonstrating that you don’t need Massive.

Larry Holcombe

This is the new Rebel Sonix video mixtape spring 2011. The mix was put together using serato video and the vj software resolume. The boys use an edirol v4 mixer to crossfade between 2 video sources in the same way that a DJ mixes between 2 audio signals using a Dj mixer. Larry Holcombe uses serato video to mix in rebel sonix videos and scratch in video samples. Phil rebel sonix uses resolume to vj live on tracks that the boys don’t have videos for. They even go as far as to make custom videos for other people’s tracks in their mix or produce new remixes of their videos! If you would like to learn how to make Dubstep, give us a shout and we’ll try and engineer it so you get Larry!  http://www.vimeo.com/24094102


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