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Can You Learn How To Become a Songwriter? | Songwriting Help


Can you learn how to become a songwriter? Songwriting is a gift, there is no doubt about that, and some of the most successful writers in the world never had songwriting lessons at all, but then they probably wrote hundreds of unsuccessful songs without any songwriting help before they had their first big hit.

So you can learn by first writing hundreds of badly constructed, half-inspired tunes for years, or be taught the shortcuts straight away. It’s the same with any skill – cooking, windsurfing, playing the guitar, using Logic: you can get better by yourself, but if you have feedback and guidance from somebody who has made all the mistakes in the book before, you’ll progress much faster. And make no mistake about how important songwriting really is: you can be a great singer, guitarist, pianist or producer but, if you can’t write songs that hold the listeners’ attention for three and a half minutes, you’ll always be dependent on others to create your artistic vision. A great song is, and always has been the cornerstone of the industry, and if you have the skills to write one, the sky’s the limit. The one thing that normally stands between the aspiring artist or writer and the music career of their dreams is not lack of vocal ability, looks, studio know-how, equipment or contacts – it’s their songs.

If you write songs that your family and friends love, but have consistantly fallen on deaf ears with music industry decision makers, you need to ask yourself if your top-line (melody and lyrics) is really good enough. If it’s not there yet, the first step is realising it, the second step is admitting it, and the third step is doing something about it. It’s sad that so many talented people with huge potential go through their career without success because they think that their top-lines cut the mustard when they’re just not there yet. All they need is some work.

If you have the potential and desire for professional songwriting, but feel your top-lines need work, may we suggest you try our three-hour taster course at only £29.99. Alex is a fun, thorough and a little eccentric (all the best songwriters are) instructor, and he will show you the superb tricks he’s picked up from years and years of research, and working with some of the best writers in the world with dozens of No.1 hits between them.

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