Garnish Music Production School

Songwriting Courses in 2014

Hi everyone,

this is for all you songwriting aficionados who are tired of getting tidbits of information

from Amazon and Youtube and want to know how the pros go about honing their craft.

If songwriting doesn’t matter to you much, then you will probably not enjoy the full-on

nature of the course but if it does, I promise that studying with me will open your eyes

to a wonderful new world of heartfelt and compelling melodies and lyrics!

Our next course starts in just over two weeks on 8th March. We also have further courses

planned over Easter and later in the year. Please have a look at the details here

Fees start at a very reasonable £329. This is less than the thousands of pounds other

schools charge for half the information you’re getting, and only slightly more than what

some colleges charge for almost worthless songwriting general knowledge and trivia

in so-called “Level 1” courses.

What you want to know is specifics and how you can improve your game and that’s

exactly what you’re getting at the Garnish Music Production School.

If you are interested, please get back to me for the latest booking link or hit me with

any questions you may have-I love fielding questions!

Have a cracking weekend and maybe see you soon

Alex Von Soos

Hit Songwriting Tutor

Garnish Music Production School